WESTPLEX develops measurement and vision-based hardware and software for OEM customers, using LabView with National Instruments and data acquisition hardware, for numerous applications.

system engineering1These include:
  • 3D board scanning system software for automated sawmill board cut optimizers.
  • Steel billet infra-red crack detection scanner software, in use in steel mills in Germany, China, USA and Poland.
  • High precision fast  small parts inspection
  • Conveyor belt visual and magnetic condition monitoring systems.
  • Infrared/Visual/GPS railway infra-structure inspection systems.
  • Infrared/Visual/GPS aerial inspection system software.
  • 3D process conveyor load optimization.
  • Infra-red liquid steel slag measurement software.
  • Road pavement measurement systems (In use in South Africa, the USA, India, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico).
  • Railway test-coach data acquisition and data-processing systems.

Westplex has many years of experience in building vision systems that work.

The complexity of machine vision and the range of variables at play is often overlooked, resulting in systems which are unreliable. Factors such as ambient light interference which can change with the seasons can cause a system to be stable for months and then fail.

A complete understanding of vision systems is required to produce reliable results.

  • Allied Vision
  • Fastec
  • Schneider F029a1e54f
  • Cognex
  • National Instruments
  • Myutron
  • Fujinon
  • Opto
  • AOS
  • CCS
  • Latab
  • Matrox
  • Computar

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