Some of the Data Acquisition,QA, Analysis and Factory Automation Projects undertaken

Machine Vision and Visual Inspection Test, Measurement and Automation
  • Road Deformation Measurement.
  • LAN cable Q.A. measurement and report generation system.
  • Rolling mill optimization and control.
  • Rolling mill product thickness measurement and analysis.
  • Explosive detonator manufacture time delay measurement and
  • Motor car tyre manufacture quality measurement,analysis and
  • Rubber molding cure evaluation.
  • Pipeline stress - test measurement.
  • Automated EMC qualification testing.
  • Process temperature measurement and logging.
  • Hydraulic press cycle monitoring.
  • Real time test-flight vibration data analysis.
  • GSM cellular phone link quality testing.
  • Automated PABX functional testing.
  • Data cable manufacture QA testing.
  • Electricity distribution system energy/power monitoring and
    automated load shedding.
  • Automated sonar transducer response and impedance measurement.
  • Conveyor belt condition monitoring.

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