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Fastec Imaging manufactures portable, affordable high-speed cameras with outstanding image quality. With resolutions up to three megapixels and frame rates up to 250,000 frames per second, no application is too fast for our cameras. Fastec Imaging’s line of handheld, point-and-shoot high-speed cameras are truly an industry innovation. Fastec's more traditional camera systems are just as impressive, with small form factors and all the features found in far more expensive cameras systems. Add in Fastec's line of long-duration recording systems that enable high-speed video capture for hours at a time, and you have the most well-rounded high-speed camera offerings in the industry. Priced to fit demanding budgets, Fastec Imaging high-speed cameras save time and money on the production line, in the lab, on the field of play, or on the test range. Whatever your application demands, we have the answer.

Handheld Cameras
Point & Shoot portable high-speed video cameras featuring full battery operation, built-in displays and multiple storage options. Shoot thousands of frames per second in the palm of your hand!

Tethered Cameras
High-speed video cameras in ultra small form factors. Cameras are easily controlled through a Gigabit Ethernet connection to a PC. Our Tethered cameras range from VGA resolution to 3 megapixel resolution, with frame rates up to 250,000 fps.

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